all my friends keep trying to lecture me about my birth control because it apparently can possibly worsen joint pain and shit but like this is what works the best for me and im happy on it and i havent seen anything worsening in the last year so i think im just fine and i really wish they would stop because i KNOW how my disability works and if i did notice something hurting more its not like i would sit idly by and wait for it to stop..? i know u guys think you know what youre talking about because you heard from a friend who heard from a friend who heard from a friend but im happy the way i am and your opinion after the first few times really does not matter anymore!

plus yeah joint pain might be a side effect but so is breast pain muscle pain diarrhea cough vomiting fever chills etc etc etc lol like these are the side effects you ignore because theyre not likely lol lol lol like just stop! i know whats best for my own body

I’m glad I got to fill out my back to school forms myself so I can list my disability as a major concern and Louie as my emergency contact lol

my dads gf made dinner and now cookies and i havent eaten a meal in like weeks/months just too much quick easy food and its so nice to actually eat well. she makes dinner a lot and wants to make me breakfast and all this and if i keep eating good meals made from real ingredients im gonna lose some serious weight (minus the cookies…)

i want everything to work out i want my boyfriend to wait to move until next summer and i want him to trust and love me and i want to change myself so i stop thinking its all HIM who needs to change and i want to stay friends with you without losing him and its so hard bc ur so pretty but whatever anyways i want everyone to STAY but maybe thats not right

All I wanna do is go to some crazy cool place and do lines with just one other person and bond hard and make memories right now but instead I’m doing lines by myself in my boyfriends basement and watching The Office. Wish I was back at Peach

Doesn’t matter how awesome my day is, doesn’t matter how terrible my day is, I will always be put second to his friends, weed, and video games. I literally just do not matter.

im pciking up da drugs then sneaking into folk fest then off to peach tomorrow and wow oh my fucking god fests have never made me so fucking excited before like i am literally bouncing off the fucking walls

i feel sick like i need a friend but i dont at the same time

i just need a beer

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