So it’s no secret that my boyfriend smokes a lot of pot, and his parents know that. But they’ve really been on his case lately and think he’s on more than just pot because he sleeps so much and is awake all night. So they just made him take a drug test out of nowhere so he got angry and left. I really hope nothing else shows up because it’d be news to me and id be so really fucking angry if he was doing anything else without telling me, especially since I’m with him every night! But I highly doubt that so I hope everything’s alright

I’m uncomfortable

stim toys/fidget toys/etc.



here are some links to some fidget toys/stim toys and are sometimes chewable

I was looking for these earlier :D thank you

i have to prepare myself for the gay club on wednesday

i seriously cant stop punching myself in the face i want my whole face to be black and blue bc i deserve it 

sweet pea, keeper of my soul, i know sometimes i’m out of control

you’re the only reason i keep on coming home

i miss being a skinny ass drug addict like that was so fun

My boyfriend is making major life decisions to leave the state and all this really stupid bullshit without telling me anything and I am miserable

I Set My Friends On Fire - Sex Ed Rocks
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I went to dinner with some coworkers and it was really nice and fun and it made me feel so much more comfortable with the girls and yeah I had a good time for once

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