I went to the guidance counselor and cried a lot and when I came back to class my face and nose were all red and my eyes still really watery like I was obviously just crying and as soon as I sat down she made me read aloud until I started crying again



body comparative


this is definitely glorifying heroin whcih TOTALLY ROCKS /sarcasm

things that happened today

  1. my car keys fell off my lanyard
  2. scrambled all morning trying to find a locksmith that would make a duplicate
  3. as soon as locksmith shows up my friend calls me and says she checked again and found them (which rocks) but i still had to pay the locksmith
  4. i work with the dumbest fucking person alive
  5. got yelled at for not being home for dinner, get home, dinner isnt ready for another 2 hours
  6. dad took $140 from me and i still dont understand why
  7. my room is 50 degrees and he wont let me use his space heater even though he doesnt use it because he says “its still summer i dont need it” GOODBYE 

just realized that i never stopped self harm because instead of cutting i just get fucked up or punch myself until i bruise

I’ve never met a girl who went to beauty school and actually turned out to be good at it. Embarrassing. Please get an apprenticeship instead

oh my ggoDDDDDDDDDDDD i wanna be high

The jack, the moscato, and the dinner! Thank you Rachel!

update: im drunk

And once again, i probably really just need a beer.

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